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The Man That Started it All

Dr. Adrien Hamedi is a compassionate and studious individual. He holds a firm commitment towards serving his patients in every capacity. He has worked hard to cultivate a welcoming office that holds itself to high standards. He believes in the implementation and use of the most recent and advanced technology to better serve his patients. He insists on offering competitive prices so that any patient feels comfortable in requesting his services. Dr. Hamedi strives for excellence in himself, so that he may deliver the best quality care.

Aside from his personal integrity, Dr. Hamedi proved himself to hold similarly high standards in his academic career. When he graduated from UC Irvine, he received his bachelor’s degree with magna cum laude honors. At UCLA, he simultaneously published several journal articles, served as president to numerous clubs, and earned two clinical scholarships. He was accepted at the Ivy league campus of the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed a four-year dual residency in periodontics and orthodontics. In his final year he was named the recipient of the J. George Coslet Scholar of the Year and the Director’s award.